Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Day 160 ~ A Car Thing

* # ~  CAR UPDATE...

I knew better than to get excited!!  On Friday November 4th my car was returned to me... that being well into week No. 32 !!

As soon as Calley and I jumped in it and got into our merry way (shopping), we were into mile three and the car started doing the same ol' thing!!  I could have screamed!

The only thing consoling me is that notice on the class action law suit against Toyota Motors, as I mentioned in Day 134 I received in the mail.

We called our mechanic, who is only called that because he has been doing all the warranty work on my car for his partner.  All I have to say is that Thank God I insisted on a 90 day warranty!!  Can you believe that they told Dean to drive it more, because the computer (ECM) would adjust itself (more or less).

Well... this past Saturday my car barely drove seven miles to my in laws and it was worse!  

First thing Monday I had Dean talk to the shop... If I was to go in there... well, let's just say Dean needed to handle it.  Bottom line, as Dean as his witness, the mechanic (owner of the shop) called Toyota and they told him to bring our car in.

I think that the only good and smart thing this person has done! for us anyways... all the while burying himself in the process, was sending us to Toyota... something that should have been done a long, long time ago.

Well we came to find out that our mechanic did not put a new ECM in our car as he stated; and had not had the computer reprogrammed, as he stated.  As a matter of fact the last time my car was in the Toyota dealership was August of 2010, one month before we purchased the car.  

Come to think of it he said a lot of things that ended up being not true.  


I would have to say is thank God that I was persistent in getting a warranty from these guys.  What do they say?   Always get it in writing!

Another is the fact, although I started late, I have been keeping notes on this entire experience.

I do not want to jump the gun here, but I think I have been patient enough.  Although, I will have to be patient for at least one more day.  Toyota is going to see if there is anything they can do to help me.

I am thankful for the new found patience I am experiencing. 

Blessings to all!!

205 days to go...

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