Monday, November 14, 2011

Day 159 ~ A Real Life Fairy Tale

VP Joe Biden, Capt. Mark Kelly,  Rep. Gabby Giffords,
 retirement ceremony at White House
(photo by David Lienemann, White House)
I sit here not only in awe, but feeling an array of emotions as I watch Diane Sawyer tell the story of Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords and Mark Kelly on ABC's 20/20.

Learning what Gabby has accomplished in a mere ten months is a true miracle.  Similarly, I see what she has been through and what she has conquered. . .    Who am I to complain about anything!?!?  for that matter, who is anyone to complain?

Oh believe me, I know what I have been through with life, relationships, and my sons... somehow, I feel that in the scheme of things, it does not compare to what she is having to undergo.

The silver lining in this all, is how much her husband Mark obviously loves her.  WOW!!  This man is an amazing husband, who evidently loves his wife to no ends. In sickness and in health...  Watch out guys... looks like Mark has raised the bar!

And before any of you say it... Oh I was crying all right... no doubt about it!  I am not about to deny it one bit! ... during the entire show too!   

It wasn't so much the fact that she was shot, or what she is even going through to recuperate. . .  it was the way Mark spoke of Gabby; the way he said it, how he said it; the way he cared for her; his constant belief and his positive being! . . .  and it was all for Gabby!

No... I am not envious, jealous, or smitten in any way.  It was the miracle of it all.  The way Gabby has forged forward, the way Mark has been by her side, their love, their forgiveness...

What blessed people!  A real life fairy tale.

Don't risk regret, life can change in an instance.  ~ a message to all from Gabby's step-daughters, Claudia and Claire Kelly 

You're, the closest to heaven that I have ever been.  ~ engraved inside Gabby's wedding ring

I am thankful for the love I share with my husband. 

Blessings to all!!

206 days to go...

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