Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Day 167 ~ And The Madness Begins!

And...    we're off!!

So the countdown begins to Thanksgiving dinner... for some of us because we are cooking and others... well because they are looking forward to indulging our harvest creations.

With one day, seven hours and counting for my turkey to be delivered, (Yes... delivered.  I volunteered to cook Dean's aunt's turkey this year-  she has her hands full taking care of Dean's ailing grandmother,) the madness in the preparation has officially began.

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From the moment I woke this morning I knew I had to tackle a heavy to-do list just so that everything around the house is nice, in preparation for our house-guest.  You see, I want everything just right!

One great thing about all of this is that I am getting quite a few things done around the house that I have wanted done for a while.  Today I spent my day laying a terracotta pathway to our home, touching up a couple of walls with paint, fixing a curtain rod, a couple loads of laundry, ironing... and on top of that, the car had a car wash and oil change and Calley had a play date! 

PHEW!  What a great day!!!

I wish I could say that I was preparing for the arrival of my sons for the holiday... wouldn't that be the most amazing holiday ever!  Or my sister or mother for that matter- especially since my sister has been saying she is coming for five months.  I was so looking forward to spending the holiday with her.  I am so sad and disappointed.  

As far as my mother is concerned... I am very disappointed that she does not want to spend more time with her family.  There's always something.

Well, I am happy and thankful to say that I will be having a friend come visit for the holiday.  Alysia is a great gal and a great friend.  I really can't believe that she has taken the time out of her busy schedule to plan her visit with us.  I am so blessed to have a friend like her.

So tomorrow comes day two of the madness.  Ai ya yai!  I don't even know how it will go... but I will give it my best shot!

You see tomorrow not only do I have a few more things to take care off on my to-do list, but then I have to help my mom (mother-in-law) with her to-do list, and then finally come back home and start cooking for the big feast the following day.

As we express our gratitude, we must never forget that the highest appreciation is not to utter words, but to live by them.  ~John Fitzgerald Kennedy

I am thankful that I am part of such an amazing family!

Blessings to all!!

198 days to go...

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Becky Jane said...

Yesterday I wrote down my cooking schedule. With the turkey starting at 9:30am and the rolls ending just before 1:00pm. Luckily my house is pretty spotless all the time because we've got it up for sale...but with 3 teens at home all day and another 2 sons coming in today, I might need to do some 'serious' cleaning before dinner on Thursday...lol

Happy Thanksgiving!

I found your blog on voiceBoks!