Saturday, January 14, 2012

Day 220 ~ Driving It Home!

Alright... I must start off tonight's post by saying, that no matter how tired I get at the end of the day, after I finally am able to write my post, I will always take the extra time to do a final edit!  I was so tired last night, that all I did was do a simple quick skim over, as opposed to reading my post that one final time... as always.  I'm not perfect, that's for sure... 

I have gotten into the habit every day, that before I write my post, to read the last one I wrote.  BOY!! I tell you... I was so embarrassed when I read my post just now... talk about typos!  There were four, and one of them was in the title.  

Well let that be a valuable lesson...  Always, always do a final proof read no matter how tired... that extra few minutes saves face big time! 

Sooo... What was the lesson?

Always do a final proof read!   Just when you think you are all done proofing your work... keep reading it through in its entirety, until there aren't any of those evil little typos left.

Just wanted to drive it home one last time, so it sinks into my thick skull.  (wink, wink)  and I call myself a blogger and a writer!  

Experience is the name every one gives to their mistakes.  ~  Oscar Wilde
All men make mistakes, but only wise men learn from their mistakes.  ~ Winston Churchill
Blessings to all!!

145 days to go...

PS... Sons, I love and miss you.  To the moon and stars above and back.  You are my sunshine(s).

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