Saturday, January 28, 2012

Day 234 ~ tweet, approve, like, follow, hop..a sequel

When people walk away from you, let them go.  Your destiny is never tied to anyone who leaves you, and it doesn't mean they are bad people.  It just means that their part in your story is over.  ~ T.D. Jakes
While doing my social network roll call this morning, which now has officially become my normal morning routine, I was perusing all the insightful and more times than not, hysterical comments my friends make... and I came across the above quote. 

After reading the quote above... well let's just say it left me dumbfounded.  Actually the quote kept replaying over and over in my head, my entire day.  It left me wondering, actually pondering about all the people who have left me.

I thought about how those people once were such a part of my life.. how they touched my life... then how they left... or in some cases, I would not say that they actually left.. maybe more like our paths forked off in different directions.   you know... We grow up.  Some of us venture off to college, while others decided to travel, and some of us married young and moved... etc...  We grew up.

Then there are the other people, or rather friends, that enter our lives when we are adults.  Some of us get a job transfer and move, others marry and move, and some divorce and move.  Whatever the case... Once again our paths veer off in different directions.

My first friend... my sissy Aleah!  ;)
 I blame her for all of this!  lol!
Which brings me back to my new found addiction... social networking (SN).  A shared addiction amongst most of us bloggers, and anyone else who depends on the internet to get their message out.  

Facebook started it all for me, as I am sure for most of you as well.  It was my sister in law, Aleah, (who is 19 years my junior ~ in other words, much "hip-per" than me,) who first told me about Facebook... I registered my email with Facebook back on December 6, 2007.  [Fourteen months earlier Facebook had just opened to everyone with an email address on September 26, 2006]  

Holy cow!  It just dawned on me that it's been FOUR years since the day I clicked "I accept" to fb!  lmao! 

If I really think about this... four years ago my life was changed for the better, unbeknownst to me at the time... it changed and a new world opened up to me.  When I first signed on and for about another year after that more or less, there weren't many people on.~  I had about 33 friends up until February of 2009... then all of a sudden it was like Facebook went through and explosion!  The word really spread!  Within a months time I added over 130 friends.  Today, I have well over three hundred. 

Why am I telling you all this?  Well my darlin's.. the point I am trying to make...some of those people who left my life [for whatever reason] back then, are now back in my life again ... continuing with a new chapter in my story! 

Somehow the part of my story I share with you in tonight's post, is now part of the legacy I leave to my children [in this blog]... which tells the story of how their mother became addicted to her other world on the internet.  wink, wink.

All of this (as I wave my hand at my laptop's screen- which by the way has like ten windows open for each one of my vices, bwahahaha! lol!) is not just about FACEBOOK... 

It's about reaching being able to reach out and Skype (oh yeah , got one of those too!) to see how my sons are doing in Washington, when I am in Texas... or chatting with a friend I haven't seen since junior high (yes! back in my day it was Jr. High... Not this "middle school" sissy stuff!  LOL!!  another attempt at humor folks!)... or ... how about this one... exchanging knowledge with a new friend in Canada, or Asia, even across the pond in England or down under in Australia.  

If there was censorship, I would not be able to laugh and share  freely with a SN friend about our mutual  SN addiction.  If it takes me a solid two hours to respond to all my SN friends, and read posts, write posts, comment on posts, suggest posts, tweet, approve, forward, send, like, follow, hop... HOLY COW!  dizzy again!  I can only imagine how long it takes a seasoned blogger!  wink, wink.

Sure wish the internet would have been around back when my grandmother was alive... would have been great to communicate with her in Buenos Aires.  Back then it was strictly first class snail mail.. and you had better not take the chance of sending pictures or anything of value- (you took a big chance of the mail being intercepted.)  My family and I would give mail and small, small items to an airline pilot friend of the family.  Once in Argentina, our pilot friend would then forward the items to my grandmother and the rest of the family

So... I write another night, giving thanks to those who take part and contribute in providing us with the wonderful World Wide Web!  The freedom we have to be able to share whatever it is that our mind can imagine...  what a wonderful freedom!

[I am now standing, as I bend at my waist I wave both my arms up and down...] 

I am not worthy... I am not worthy!   (Yes I am worthy... you know what I mean)

wink, wink

One can never talk too much about censorship, or rather the stupids laws our US government are trying to pass.

Let's continue to be aware, stand up for our freedom of speech and tell the government...

Write congress now... it's as simple as clicking here.   

Blessings to all!!

131 days to go...

PS... Sons, I love and miss you.  To the moon and stars above and back.  You are my sunshine(s).

Images courtesy of Facebook and my profile, Carla Barila Karam.  Copyright laws apply.


Christer Edman said...

Great posting Carla! I can only agree how addictive it is and I started to use Internet in the 90's with bbs, icq, created and runned mailing lists etc. One was called the "LoveList" and I did also an Internet course for the staff since there was so little knowledge about it then. I worked for IBM during the last 7 years and was impressed and occupied by all internal social media tools and started up with LinkedIn in 2008 when we were encouraged to work outside IBM too by IBM's Management. I am thinking of doing a professional TimeLine in Facebook now since it's an interesting Social media journey the last 16 years.

Lea Hunt said...

Hi Carla, Thanks for sharing. It has been an exciting 12 years online for me. I have been a member of Facebook since August 9, 2007, though set some clients up with their accounts in 2006 - Yikes, that's a lot of time spent adding content to someone else's website :( Regardless, the Internet has liberated me; Facebooking, too ... LOL :) I signed this the other day and am interested to see their adjusted bill next month. BTW, the quote at the top of your page is by Bishop T.D. Jakes; Tony only wrote a blog post quoting TD Jakes and explaining what that means to him:

Carla Karam said...

Thanks for the heads up Lea... correction made. Thought I was thorough with looking the quote up... I am a stickler for giving proper attribution too! Thanks again.